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Barnet is a social platform designed to recreate the thrill of unexpectedly meeting one-of-a-kind people, in-person. You know, the way it used to happen.

Off the screen

Into the world

Whether you’re looking for small, intimate group meetups or even a whole group of new friends, Barnet turns any night into an unplanned event for everyone — all you have to do is let people know you’re headed out to your favorite bar, invite them to join, and let the IRL mingling commence. Skip the doom swiping and endless texting; let the vibe you're looking for find you, wherever you are in your life. Literally.



For ppl who can’t find friends to
drink with

Can you guess what Barnet stands for? You’re right—Bar Networking. That’s because it’s the perfect way to expand your roster of barfly buddies at a moment’s notice. Just tap the app and see where the best watering hole is—or invite them to toast to new friends at your favorite one!

For ppl who genuinely want to meet new friends, maybe a new comer to the city

New in town? With Barnet, a good time with exciting people is always at your fingertips. Whether you're looking for new friends just to vibe with or to spark something more with a saucy someone, Barnet is the fastest and easiest way to build connections and find whatever it is you’re looking for within hours.

Our Approach



We Let Vibes
Lead the Way

In this digital age, there’s beauty in the idea of a genuine human relationship cultivated through an unplanned face-to-face interaction. Whether it be romantic, platonic, or something else entirely, we hope to encourage many of these moments for you.

We Streamline
the Process

Online socializing is meant to initiate real-life meetups, but the conversation tends to stay trapped in the phone. By streamlining the process and minimizing endless texting, we are able to place focus on getting you—and everyone else—off the apps and into the real world right away.

We Stay Modern with an Oldschool Mentality

Our mission is to create an environment that facilitates the powerful response people have to unplanned, natural connections. And while portable screens have proven to inhibit those instances more and more, we believe it’s a facet of life worth protecting.

Get ready
match with vibes

not profiles

Barnet is the first social app that swaps the endless browsing, incessant texting, and non-existnt meetups for unplanned, in-person connections.

Set up

Setting up your Page is easy. All you need is one (flattering!) picture of yourself and a list of your favorite local bars to help potential new friends determine if you both have similar tastes. And that’s it—we intentionally keep Pages short and sweet in order to recreate the excitement of unexpectedly connecting with someone for the first time in the real world.


Whenever you’re headed to one of the bars on your list, you can let other users know you’re down to mingle by creating an Event they can request to join. Of course, the people you meet are all of your own choosing—just check out their Page and you can greenlight whoever you want.


On the other hand, you can set the invite open for anyone and everyone to join! We like to turn random nights into a party, afterall. This is perfect for when you’re already with friends or when you’re feeling particularly extroverted. This all works in reverse, too—you can check someone else’s Page for their open Events nearby and ask to join. It’s like meeting in the real world, but with a bunch of welcoming smiles all around!